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Lowerdecks.com Administration

Name: Andrew Bailey
Duties: Forum Administrator & Coder, Website Maintenance
Forum Alias: tcn
Age: 20
Email Address: [email protected]
Location: United Kingdom
Home Page: http://www.trek-uk.com

Name: Christina Luckings
Duties: Forum Administrator
Forum Alias: Chakoteya
Age: pre-Sputnik
Location: Kent, England
Biography: I've been a SciFi fan since I learnt to read, and grew up with Gerry Anderson, Doctor Who and the original Star Trek series. I used to attend the fan run conventions in the UK and met lots of Trek actors/actresses on my travels. I'm married to a fellow Trek / Babylon 5 fan and my one regret in life is not getting online sooner than we did. I'm currently transcribing Enterprise episodes. It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it.

Name: Bonnie Malmat
Duties: Forum Administrator, Reviewer, Content Writer
Forum Alias: T'Bonz
Age: 44
Email Address: [email protected]
Location: Florida, United States

Name: Dave Poulton
Duties: Forum Administrator, Reviewer, Content Writer, Editor
Forum Alias: Karma
Age: 22
Email Address: [email protected]
Location: Hamilton and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Biography: I cannot recall when I first became a fan of Star Trek, though I know that it came sometime during the run of TNG. Since then Star Trek has been a constant companion as I grew up (with DS9 eventually becoming my favourite series), and was doubtlessly a major contributor in my decision to study Software Engineering at McMaster University in Hamilton. When not on lowerdecks.com or watching TV you can find me trying to figure out why my latest program won't compile, reading (especially the Lord of the Rings or any other works by Tolkien), or following my favourite sports teams.

Name: Paul Pytlik
Duties: Forum Administrator, Graphic Designer, Reviewer
Forum Alias: Morbo
Age: 20
Email Address: [email protected]
Location: Ontario, Canada
Biography:Currently attending the University of Windsor for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, spending his time pondering the relationship between a university student's screen resolution and their alcohol intake, as well as devoting his time to memorizing all useless knowledge not pertaining to his major. Also enrolled in Yoga, though purely for the stress reduction, and busily preparing for his life post university [ie. poor artist]. A Star Trek fan for the past ten years, after he coincidentally cut out a shape resembling the Enterprise in fourth grade for a craft project. Realizes Yoga requires fee, and hurts, so he declines.

Name/Alias: Shadowfyre
Duties: Forum Administrator, Reviewer, Content Writer
Forum Alias: Shadowfyre
Age: 33
Email Address: [email protected]
Location: California, United States
Biography:I remember watching The Original Series in syndication as a child and have been a Trek fan ever since with DS9 as my personal favorite. I love all science fiction, fantasy and horror in just about any form - tv, films, books, games, etc. I collect various things including swords, models, action figures and books by the hundreds. My genre cravings are dominated by two major themes - my love for spaceships and my love for monsters. I also enjoy biking, camping, Tango dancing, writing my own stories and am always on the hunt for a good scotch, a good laugh and a good woman who can appreciate life's darker side.
Home Page:www.shadowpalace.homestead.com

Name/Alias: Diesel Micky Dolenz
Duties: Forum Administrator, Reviewer
Forum Alias: Diesel Micky Dolenz
Age: 34
Email Address: [email protected]
Biography:I literally cannot remember a time when I wasn't a fan of Trek in one form or another. I grew up with reruns of the original Star Trek and the animated Star Trek. I was among the skeptics when The Next Generation came along, but as the show improved, I grew to love it. Trek definitely influenced my decision to go into electrical engineering and to work for a time at Kennedy Space Center. Today, I'm a software engineer and married with two young children, both of whom I'm now introducing to the world of Star Trek.

Name: Shaun Andrews
Duties: Forum Moderator, Reviewer
Forum Alias: Cartagia
Age: 20
Email Address: [email protected]
Location: Tennessee, United States
Biography: I became hooked on Star Trek in 1994 after renting and throughly enjoying Star Trek: Generations. After using my new found love for Trek to hook a friend who subsequently got me hooked on Babylon 5 and everything just grew from there. I'm a big fan of most sci-fi and horror that airs today. It's just so "fascinating."

Email Address: [email protected]
Location: CT, USA
Biography: I like Star Trek.

Site Contributors

Name: Frederik Dewaele
Forum Alias: fdewaele
Age: 24
Email Address: [email protected]
Location: Belgium
Biography: I'm a Master at Law and am an avid Star Trek fan. My favorite series is DS9. My other interests include music - I play the clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophone - military history, reading and being lazy.

Name: Sean McKenna
Forum Alias: Waterloo
Age: 22
Email Address: [email protected]
Location: ME, USA
Biography: When you manage to pin me down, you might learn a few things, like that I'm one of those insane people who plan on being a professional writer, and being a big success at it. You might also learn that DS9 is my favorite Star Trek, but as contradictory as it might seem, am also a fan of Enterprise. My favorite character is the everyman Miles O'Brien. What else? Oh, and that I wish to end this bio right here.
Homepage: http://www.ageofmouldwarp.2ya.com








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