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Voyager, Season 3

Basics, Part II 146 09/04/96

Suder and the EMH save the day.

Flashback 145 09/11/96
Tuvok relives his time with Captain Sulu.
The Chute 147 09/18/96
Paris and Kim suffer in a brutal prison.
The Swarm 149 09/25/96
The EMH has a software failure as Voyager crosses hostile territory.
False Profits 144 10/02/96
The crew try to save a planet from the clutches of two stranded Ferengi.
Remember 148 10/09/96
Torres is given another woman's memories.
Sacred Ground 143 10/30/96
Janeway tries to get religion to save Kes's life.
Future's End, Part I 150 11/06/96
An accident with a timeship sends Voyager back to a slightly altered 20th century Los Angeles.
Future's End, Part II 151 11/13/96
The EMH gets his mobile emitter, the bad guy defeats himself and Voyager goes home - to the Delta Quadrant.
Warlord 152 11/20/96
Kes is taken over by the mind of a ruthless dictator.
The Q and the Grey 153 11/27/96
Q enlists Janeway's help to end a Civil war.
Macrocosm 154 12/11/96
Janeway fights an invading giant germ.
Fair Trade 156 01/08/97
Neelix meets an old colleague and ends up on the wrong side of the law.
Alter Ego 155 01/15/97
Kim and Tuvok both fall in love with what they believe to be a hologram.
Coda 158 01/29/97
Janeway refuses to die quietly.
Blood Fever 157 02/05/97
Vorik's pon farr sends Torres crazy..
Unity 159 02/12/97
Chakotay's life is saved by some ex-Borg drones..
Darkling 161 02/19/97
The EMH creates his own dark side.
Rise 160 02/26/97
Neelix and Tuvok rescue colonists from an asteroid bombardment.
Favorite Son 162 03/19/97
Kim changes species and goes home.
Before and After 163 04/09/97
Kes lives her whole life, backwards.
Real Life 164 04/23/97
The EMH learns that family life is not always a bed of roses.
Distant Origin 165 04/30/97
An ancient race of dinosaurs refuses to accept the evolutionary evidence of their humble beginnings.
Displaced 166 05/07/97
The crew are quietly kidnapped.
Worst Case Scenario 167 05/14/97
Seska reaches out from her grave to put Voyager in danger.
Scorpion, Part I 168 05/21/97
Janeway discovers a foe more deadly than the Borg.





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