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Date: Unknown
Original Airdate: December 3, 2004
By Ryan8bit

The Story
The Vulcan High Command watches Andorian fleet movements as they plan their invasion. They assembled their fleet at Regulus while decoy fleets are deployed to fool the Andorians. The high council member, Kuvak, is surprised by V'Las' actions, but V'Las tries to back it up with information that the Andorians obtained the Xindi weapon.

Archer, T'Pol, and T'Pau make their way through the Forge back to the capital to bring the Kir'Shara artifact. It is said to be the writings of Surak and that it will have a tremendous impact on the council and all of Vulcan.

On Enterprise, Reed talks to Tucker in the Captain's ready room. He expresses that getting involved with the Andorians would be betraying the Vulcans, but Trip is fairly adamant in preventing a war. Soval enters and they discuss how they can contact Shran and warn the Andorian fleet of the invasion.

Back on Vulcan, T'Pol tries to convince Archer to go back to Enterprise, but Archer insists that he go to the capital. From his meld with Syrran, he learned that the Vulcans were going to attack the Andorians, and he knew the Kir'Shara would prevent it. T'Pau stops them at some deposits of gallacite, which apparently give off an electric shock to any metallic objects within proximity to it.

V'Las discusses with Kuvak how some Syrranites have been captured and that Syrran is dead. Kuvak says that the remaining Syrranites may have the Kir'Shara, which V'Las believes is a myth. V'Las dismisses Kuvak and orders and officer to send an order to the patrols looking for the Syrranites to execute any remaining.

Enterprise approaches a nebula and Soval insists that the Andorian ships are hiding in there. They send a hail to the nebula saying that they have information about the Vulcan invasion of Andor, and the ships come out. Shran comes aboard and they discuss Vulcan's plans, but he is still doubtful of Soval's motives.

Cut to T'Pau and T'Pol discussing Captain Archer's state. T'Pol believes he isn't in control and is somewhat skeptical of the katra. T'Pau notices T'Pol being a bit emotional and they speak of T'Pol's mother's death. T'Pau mind melded with T'Les and offered to share it with T'Pol, but T'Pol warns her of her Pa'nar Syndrome. T'Pau says that the Vulcan High Command spread lies of the disease being incurable, and that it had been known of since the time of Surak. It was apparently caused by an untrained mind-meld, and could be helped. The two then meld and presumably T'Pol is cured.

We see Shran on the Andorian ships, and he speaks over the comm with an officer who says they are ready to beam Soval over to the ship. He is assured that Enterprise will not realize this and he orders the transport. Soval is transported into a chair that has a device that will inhibit his abilities to conrol his emotions. Shran uses this to try and obtain more information from the Vulcan Ambassador. On Enterprise, Commander Tucker finds out that Soval is missing, and they locate him on Shran's ship. They hail the Andorians and demand his return, but the fleet moves into the nebula where it cannot be scanned. Enterprise tries to disable Shran's ship, but is unsuccessful.

In the Forge, Archer tells T'Pol that he has a higher understanding of Vulcans with the katra of Surak inside of him and even briefly considers Vulcan practices. He suggests to T'Pol that she study the Syrranite ways, but she is confrontational about it.

Back to the Andorian ship we see Soval endure the torture from his emotions being unleashed. Soval says that Shran probably wanted an opportunity to do such a thing for a long time. Shran admits that it was once true, but that after their previous negotiations he began to respect him more. Soval goes on to tell the story of a Vulcan whose name became used as word for fool because he let a surprise attack happen, and compares it to what will happen to Shran if he is not let go. Shran is only angered and turns up the settings on the device higher.

Down on Vulcan, Archer is confronted by a few Vulcan soldiers who try to obtain the Kir'Shara. Hand-to-hand combat begins when the artifact is not handed over. T'Pol is wounded, but T'Pau and Archer manage to escape down a narrow tunnel. Archer is upset that T'Pau forced him to abandon T'Pol and they head on their way. The soldiers confront a wounded T'Pol and inquire about the destination of Archer. She lies to them, saying that they are headed for Mt. Seleya to translate the writings on the Kir'Shara. The Vulcan soldier is suspicious, but T'Pol says that she is a Syrranite and that she wouldn't lie. They head east and T'Pol begins to get tired. The Vulcan soldier says that she is stalling and questions why she has defected to the Syrranite cause. He even says that he once served under T'Pol and that she had lost her way.

Shran continues the torture of Soval, but it seems that he doesn't want to see him hurt. They are suddenly attacked by Enterprise, which has found a way to use sensors within the nebula. Shran hails them and informs them that Soval will be returned. Soval is found to be ok and is said to be able to recover in a day. Shran says that he knew Soval wasn't lying and that his forces were committed to intercept the Vulcan fleet.

In the Forge, T'Pau tracks the Vulcan soldiers and sees that they aren't headed towards the capital. She lures a couple of the soldiers into the electric field of the gallacite with a call of the sehlat, leaving only one soldier left which Archer takes care of. Archer interrogates him and asks where T'Pol was taken. The soldier says that she was taken to the Vulcan High Command. Archer uses the Vulcan nerve pinch on the soldier and they head towards the capital.

In the high council chambers, T'Pol is told by V'Las that she will be punished for her offenses. V'Las is then informed that the Andorians have formed a defense fleet for the Vulcan attack.

Archer and T'Pau make their way to the edge of the capital. T'Pau insists that the council will hear them because of the Kir'Shara. The only way they can get in is through a beam in, but they need access codes. Archer says he knows of a way to obtain them.

Enterprise is with the Andorian fleet and when the Vulcan ships intercept, Enterprise places itself between the ships. V'Las orders the Enterprise to leave or be destroyed, but Trip says that Starfleet would be aware if anything happened. V'Las orders the ships to engage the enemy and Kuvak insists that he shouldn't because the invasion was not supposed to have any casualties. One of V'Las' officers pulls a weapon on Kuvak and V'Las tells him that no more outbursts will be allowed. The space battle begins and Enterprise is partially caught in the crossfire. They make their way out of it, but fire on a Vulcan ship that has almost destroyed an Andorian ship. The Vulcan ships proceed to team up on Enterprise, but Shran saves them and tells Tucker that Archer owes him two favors.

Two cloaked figures enter the chambers of the high council and reveal themselves to be T'Pau and Archer. V'Las orders for security, but Kuvak nerve pinches the soldier and steals his weapon, ordering no one to move. They place the Kir'Shara down, and V'Las is still doubtful. They see the holographic writings emitted from it and V'Las tries to destroy it. He is shot by Kuvak and the Vulcan ships get ordered to stand down from the battle.

We hear that the tension between Vulcans and Andorians is at ease for now and that Enterprise returns to Vulcan, where V'Las has been dismissed and is put under investigation. Surak's katra is removed from Archer by a high priest and he is informed by T'Pau and Kuvak that the High Command is being dissolved and that a less aggressive stance will be taken by the Vulcans. And even that Earth will no longer be monitored by them.

In the last scene, we see V'Las walking to a cave. He expresses to a dark figure in that cave that the plan has failed and that decades of work have been lost. The figure is revealed to be a Romulan, who says that they will make their way back toward reunification in one way or another.

There was quite a lot going on "Kir'Shara" and there was much to resolve at the end of this arc. I believe that along with the last arc with the augments, the episode has only provided an adequate resolution, but an entertaining story nonetheless.

We have an entire arc that is supposed to explain the differences between the Vulcans we see on Enterprise, and the Vulcans we see on the original series and the Next Generation. Yet, in the end the Vulcans don't really seem all that different. Sure, we're given a maniacal, bloodthirsty leader with V'Las to make it seem like things have changed, but is anything really different? The Syrranites fought with violence to solve their problems, so they're not exactly the pacifists they should be. Certainly Surak must've thought it strange to be in the body of someone using so much violence.

And then it is revealed that V'Las has been conferring with Romulans for decades planning out their reunification. This just raises so many questions that are hard to answer at this point and are hopefully answered at a later date. Such questions might be: Why has V'Las been conspiring to do this? How did Romulans ever confront him in the first place? Why haven't Romulan ships really been noticed by the High Command? All T'Pol knew about them was that they were territorial when humans first met them. And how could V'Las' orders have gone on for so long without being challenged by the Vulcan council?

Now, it's easy to see that Enterprise has had a bit of change in the way Vulcans act and behave. We've seen armed landing parties that were highly skilled, a covert listening post under a Vulcan sanctuary, and even a neutral planet that was fought over between Vulcans and Andorians. Now some of these situations were logical in a sense and were usually not outwardly aggressive. But seeing V'Las acting the way he did just seemed unbelievable. And even all of his soldiers never questioned his orders. They fired on Enterprise twice, they fired on Andorians, they bombed the Syrranites, and they bombed an Earth embassy. These events are all a lot harder to believe than the things we've been shown before because they don't even seem slightly logical. And expecting that all Vulcans would go along with it seems farfetched. How are these Vulcans reacting to the change? Do they even care?

And the Kir'Shara sure does have an impact. We don't get to see any of it, but we constantly hear that people will be swayed by it. How could people so willingly give up their weapons and hostile ways without some sort of fight? Vulcans don't seem to be the most malleable species, so there would have to be plenty of doubt about these writings and it would take quite some time for any significant changes to be made on the planet. We also still don't know why Archer was chosen over T'Pau. The way I see it, if T'Pau addressed the council, there really wouldn't have been much difference. And speaking of differences, T'Pau still should've had some indifference towards humans like she seemed to have in "Amok Time." As is, her character really didn't need to be named T'Pau.

So in the end of this trilogy we get a conclusion that says "By the way, all Vulcans are different, the High Command is abolished, Earth is free to do what it wants, T'Pol is magically cured of her Pa'nar syndrome, there's peace on Vulcan, none of the council is accountable for all of their actions, and the Andorians aren't mad about this attack at all?" There was way too much to address and they didn't quite cover this one yet. The ride was fun, but there needs to be more payoff. The Xindi arc, the temporal cold war, the augments, and any of the other loose threads can't just keep going on like this. Yes, there is an improvement in the writing and direction of the show (this episode had great character interaction and development, plus decent acting), but resolution is still important.

Grade: 8/10 (B)

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Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer
John Billingsley as Dr. Phlox
Jolene Blalock as T'Pol
Dominic Keating as Malcolm Reed
Anthony Montgomery as Travis Mayweather
Linda Park as Hoshi Sato
Connor Trinneer as Charles Tucker

Guest Cast:
Gary Graham as Ambassador Soval
Jeffrey Combs as Shran
Kara Zediker as T'Pau
Robert Foxworth as V'Las
John Rubinstein as Kuvak
Jack Donner as Vulcan Priest

Creative Staff:
Director:  David Livingston
Written By: Mike Sussman







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